Experiences in and around Lana

Ideas for your holiday program
Lana and its surroundings are the perfect holiday spot for connoisseurs and for those wishing to relax, but also for those who want to spend an active holiday, move their bodies, and make new experiences. Explore the area between Meran and Bozen with its orchards, vineyards, and green forests on foot or by bike, spend a beautiful summer day at one of the near lakes or explore the surrounding gardens, castles, and stunning mountains. Our hotel also is the perfect accommodation for golfers because our partner club, the Golfclub Lana, is only a stone’s throw away. Other golfclubs are close by, too: the Golfclub Dolomiti (45 min), the Golfclub Passeier (40 min), the Golfclub Petersberg (1 h), the Golfclub Seis (50 min), and the Golfclub Eppan (20 min). Are you ready to spend an active but relaxed holiday in the alpine but Mediterranean climate of Lana and its surroundings? Come visit us, the holiday of your dreams is waiting for you!

Inspiring and varied Lana

Between nature and culture
Only a few walking minutes from the town centre of Lana, there is the Gaulpromenade, a very beautiful promenade in nature, surrounded by rippling streams, waterfalls, and rocks. The picturesque Gaul Gorge has a particularly romantic atmosphere. Another highlight and a good starting point for the promenade is the Sculpture Path, which leads along the Brandis Waalweg path to Oberlana and into the biotope of the river Valsura. A path where artwork by artists from all over the world encourages you to think and philosophise.
Culture lovers can explore many different sights in Lana, because here and in the surroundings, you can find over 40 churches and chapels as well as the Road of Romanesque Art. Explore the hidden artistic treasures and go on a spiritual journey.

A trip to the local mountain

Explore San Vigilio
The pedestrian-only nature reserve at Lana’s local mountain is absolutely worth a visit. Here, you can go hiking, cycling, enjoying the views, and much more. Whether you like it sporty or relaxed: at San Vigilio, there is something for every taste. And the best thing about it is that it can be reached directly from Lana and therefore on foot if you stay at the Jardis: your car can stay in the parking space. The cable car takes you up to the mountain station at 1,486m in only eight minutes, and there you will find many beautiful, easy to intermediate itineraries with panoramic views of the Etschtal valley and the Dolomites. Here, you can relax far away from hustle and bustle, enjoy nature, and make mountain memories.

Let’s swing

Golfing at Golfclub Lana
Whether experienced golfer or beginner: the sunny 9-hole course at Golfclub Lana offers challenges for professional golfers as well as a great practice area for newbies and can be reached in 10 minutes by car. People who are interested in golfing but don’t have any previous experience can participate in a taster course. And listen up: Jardis Boutique Hotel is a partner hotel of the Golfclub Lana and therefore, all our guests get a 10 % discount on such courses, as well as a 20 % discount on the green fee. If you are interested in golf, host Joachim – who is a passionate golfer himself – will gladly give you some great insider advice on golfing in South Tyrol and is happy to discuss your golfing experiences with you.

Let’s go cycling

Cycling in Lana and its surroundings

Mountain bike

By road bike, mountain bike, or e-bike: the bike is perfect to explore the area around Lana. Starting at Jardis, there are a variety of cycling itineraries, which offer our active guests many different possibilities. In the whole area around Meran and even further, there are alpine trails, which are perfect for mountain bikes as well as for e-bikes. For passionate mountain bikers, there are also more demanding trails.

The Gardens and the Touriseum of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Explore Meran
About 12 kilometres from Lana, there is the thermal city of Meran. A particularly beautiful place in Meran are the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, which blossom in full glory in spring and summer. On a surface of 12 hectares, you can find different flowers from all over the world. From April to November, you can visit the gardens and participate in guided tours. During summer, the gardens are turned into a stage for open-air concerts. The botanical garden with its many interactive stops, viewpoints, and artist pavilions is a varied attraction for people of all ages and definitely worth a visit. The Touriseum, the South Tyrolean Museum of Tourism, is part of the gardens and gives you a good insight into the development of this economic sector in South Tyrol.

Escaping the heat

The lakes in southern South Tyrol

Lake Caldaro and Montiggl

Whether to refresh on a hot summer day or for idyllic walks in spring and autumn: the lakes in the South Tyrolean south are the perfect place to spend a lazy day surrounded by nature. The lakes in Montiggl and Kaltern are particularly popular. Those lakes can easily be reached in 30 minutes by car from Jardis. In the lakeside resorts, you can rent sunbeds and spend a cosy day. Here, you will find everything you need for a comfortable, relaxed day in the South Tyrolean nature, restaurants included. During autumn and spring, when temperatures are too low for swimming and tanning, beautiful paths await you for a walk around the lake. If you prefer cycling to walking, there is a beautiful cycling path leading around Lake Caldaro, which is worth a try for its stunning lake view.

Felixer Weiher

Another piece of advice for a beautiful day at a lake is Felixer Weiher – a natural swimming lake and a protected biotope. This idyllic lake with its small island is probably one of the most beautiful forest lakes in South Tyrol. You get there with an easy hike through woods and meadows from the town of St. Felix at Deutschnonsberg. This way, you can combine a beautiful day at the lake with a not too demanding hike. This lake is perfect to spend a pleasant summer day. Furthermore, the adventurous among you can come here in winter to go ice bathing. In fact, this small lake is worth a visit in winter as well as in summer.

A trip to Dorf Tirol

Dive into South Tyrolean nature and culture
The town of Dorf Tirol is located not far from the thermal city of Meran. Here, you will find the perfect area for walks and hikes on promenades, in the lower mountain range, or in the Texelgruppe Nature Park. The culture lovers among you should not miss a visit to Castle Tyrol, the South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History. In the 15 exhibition rooms, visitors can get an insight into different topics regarding medieval and modern periods of the South Tyrolean cultural and provincial history. Another attraction worth mentioning is the bird rescue centre at Castle Tyrol, where injured wild birds or birds of prey are treated, with the aim of being able to release them into the wild. You can visit the centre or watch one of the daily flying demonstrations. Just lean back, enjoy the panorama, and watch goshawks and owls make their rounds.

Winter in Lana and its surroundings

The skiing area Meran 2000
From mid-December to mid-March, you can go skiing at the close skiing area Meran 2000. For all those who like being active during winter, Meran 2000 is a true paradise: 40 kilometres of slopes and 25 kilometres of hiking paths. Boredom doesn’t exist here: you can go for an easy walk, hiking, ski touring, skiing, cross-country skiing, or snowboarding. After an active day, the 15 mountain huts offer many possibilities to rest, refresh, and refuel with typically South Tyrolean meals. For example, the church of Saint Oswald at 2,365 metres is a good destination for a hike or a ski tour. At the top, you can enjoy a great view of the Ortles and the Dolomites. Inhale the fresh mountain air and discover the stunning, snowy landscape in this beautiful part of South Tyrol.