Our rich buffet breakfast
A good day always starts with a balanced breakfast. And we at Jardis Boutique Hotel try to make this start as yummy as possible for you. At our healthy and rich buffet, you will find everything your heart desires: different types of fresh bread and sliced bread, croissants, seasonal fruits, four different types of biological muesli and yoghurt, a vast variety of dried fruits and seeds, local honey, and different types of jam from South Tyrol. And for those of you who prefer starting their day in a savoury way, there is plenty of cheese, cold cuts, fresh vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and freshly cooked egg dishes. With it, you can choose between coffee and tea, fresh fruit juices, sparkling water, and our vitalising Grander water. On request, we are happy to prepare the type of coffee of your choice using the milk you prefer (e.g., oat milk or lactose-free milk). For people with allergies or intolerances, we can provide special products. Please notify us in advance. On sunny days, you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning sun on our terrace, and after a rich breakfast, you can start your day full of energy and explore Lana and its surroundings.

Honesty Bar

Refreshment at any time of the day
We want our guests to have a refreshing beverage or a good drink whenever they fancy one. Because your flexibility and happiness are our top priorities. For this reason: whether it is a cold drink on a hot summer day, a glass of wine on a relaxed evening, an ice cream, or a snack in the afternoon, at our honesty bar, everybody can find what they are looking for. On some days, your host Joachim might prepare a delicious snack and leave it at the honesty bar for you. Enjoy! The honesty bar is open every day until 11 p.m. Just take what you like and note your room number on the list. You can pay at your departure.

And no worries, you won’t need to go to bed hungry. On the contrary: As we are located close to the town centre of Lana, many restaurants are within reach and delicious meals are already waiting for you! Try different dishes! The South Tyrolean cuisine with its mixture of traditional Tyrolean dishes and light, Mediterranean delicacies has a lot to offer and without a doubt, everybody will return home with a new favourite dish. And your host is always ready to give you some advice and recommend the best place for a yummy dinner. And an absolute highlight: on a beautiful summer evening, when the weather and atmosphere are good, it is well possible that Joachim heats up the barbecue and prepares some delicious spareribs for you. These barbecues take place once in a while and will be announced in advance on the notice board in the hotel.